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Pets and Companion Animals: When You Can’t Evacuate All of Them

Monday, April 11th, 2011

Author: Eston Spain, Emergency Planning Associate, IEM

There is much discussion about pet or companion animal limits. Some states and local jurisdictions have set limits on the number of animals that a person can legally own.  The general consensus is that laws of this nature were enacted to prevent hoarding, enabling “puppy mills,” and other sorts of nuisance complaints where pets and companion animals are involved. While I believe that a responsible pet owner loves and care for their animals and abides by local laws, spays and neuters, and sees to the health and well being of their pets because their animals are considered part of their family, there are others who do not consider an animal’s interest when it comes time to evacuate.

The one element that is central to any argument for or against companion animal limits is the owner.  And one of the issues that I believe must be considered, regardless of how many pets or companion animals a person may have, is can all these animals be safely evacuated if a natural or man-made hazard or disaster occurs that forces an evacuation. Can the pet owner safely evacuate one companion animal; provide enough food, water, pet carrier, additional supplies, such as litter, meds, bedding, etc.? (more…)