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Chemical Economic Benefits Have Inherent Chemical Transportation Risks

Friday, August 24th, 2012

Author:  David O. Willauer, IEM Transportation & Geospatial Technologies

This week’s Hazmat incident involving a crash between an isobutene tanker and another motor carrier is a reminder of risks involved with daily chemical transportation. Isobutylene (synonym for isobutene) when blended with gasoline is used to make high octane aviation gasoline blends. First responders and emergency managers should be commended for their efforts to close the interstate quickly to avoid providing this highly flammable chemical a chance to find a source to ignite. While the primary hazard is flammability, this chemical also presents toxicity risks.

Crashes involving large trucks carrying hazardous materials are relatively rare. Less than 10 percent of truck shipments include Hazmat as all or part of the cargo load. Less than 5 percent of large truck crashes involve trucks carrying Hazmat. While most motor carrier crashes are rare, fuel tanker crashes represent most of the incidents. A report to FMCSA found that Class 3 Hazmat (flammable liquids) accounted for 64 percent of hazmat crashes where cargo was released during the crash. (more…)