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How Social Media Communication During and After Turkey’s Earthquake Is Changing How Emergency Managers Respond

Friday, October 28th, 2011

Author: Farrah Gosford, Senior Planner, IEM

As all emergency managers have heard time and time again, communication is the number one issue discussed during after action reports following an exercise or disaster. By utilizing social media technology day to day, survivors are more prone to use this technology to verify a family member location and safety post disaster. In a blog posted by FEMA Administrator, Craig Fugate on September 21, 2011, FCC & FEMA: How to Communicate Before, During & After a Major Disaster, , it was recommended to use text messaging, e-mail, or social media during and after a disaster to make contact with your family and friends so to not tie up voice networks. This is due to the fact that data based services are less likely to experience network congestion allowing your messages to reach the intended party faster.

Social media communications is becoming more popular as more devices are capable of interacting with the various social networks. The questions to be answered are whether social media is capable of being a medium for reliable communications during disasters, whether social media is appropriate for disaster communication information and personal notes from individuals, and can social media communications replace human to human voice contact that provide real-time feedback?

As we’ve seen in the devastating earthquake in Turkey, the answer can be “yes”. Approximately five hours after the earth quake struck Turkey, Erhan Celik, a journalist for Turkey’s Kanal 7 TV station, decided to tweet his followers. He understood that thousands of survivors would be homeless due to the earthquake so he tweeted his followers to see how many would be willing to offer accommodations to quake survivors. Within seven hours, after his initial post, there were 17,000 emails in his inbox offering assistance of some sort. The accommodation emails were sent to the Istanbul governorate. These emails lead to the Istanbul governorate activating a 24 hour hotline to take over Celik’s initiative.

As information gets distributed faster and without vetting, it may be hard to verify that information being posted to social media sites is in fact true or from the true source. IEM’s Disaster Social Network has been filtering social media chatter during the recent Turkey earthquake to provide a useful resources guide geared toward the emergency management community. Future endeavors must determine how social media and emergency management can become partners or work together in disaster management.

Aerial Video of Turkey Earthquake Destruction, Rescue video and Photo Gallery

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

Social Media Resources Guide, Part 4

Author: IEM’s Disaster Social Network (DSN), IEM

The links below include video of rescue operation of woman pulled from the rubble 3 days after the Turkey earthquake, aerial video of the destruction, and a large photo gallery showing the destruction, rescue efforts, and survivors and continuing coverage of challenges facing survivors.


Turkey earthquake: Teacher pulled out alive after 3 days
Aerial Video: Turkey earthquake devastation 

Turkey’s Quake Homeless Struggle for Shelter

Turkey earthquake rescue efforts intensify

Photo Gallery: 

Large gallery showing the destruction, rescue efforts, and survivors.

News Articles:

“Turkey earthquake death toll rises to 534; thousands remain homeless”

Dramatic Rescue Videos and Damage Assessments from Turkey Earthquake

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

Social Media Resources Guide, Part 3

Author: IEM’s Disaster Social Network (DSN), IEM

IEM’s continuing social media resources coverage of the Turkey earthquake for October 25th includes  new videos of dramatic rescues including a 2 week old baby and a toddler pulled from the rubble.


#deprem (Turkish word for “earthquake”)


Dramatic Rescue for Baby After Turkish Quake
Toddler rescued from collapsed building after Turkey’s earthquake
Aerial Video: Turkey Earthquake Devastation
Turkey Quake CCTV
Turkey quake raises housing quality questions
Anger erupts over Turkey’s quake response
Aerial of earthquake-hit Turkey shows full extent of damage
Earthquake Van Turkey Turkiye deprem” (video of wedding party at time of earthquake)
Chaos as Turkey quake aid arrives

Photo galleries:

Twitter Social Movement Connects Turkey Earthquake Victims with Shelters

Monday, October 24th, 2011

Social Media Resources Guide, Part 2

Author: IEM’s Disaster Social Network (DSN), IEM

IEM has continued to monitor the social media traffic around Sunday’s earthquake in southeastern Turkey. We’ve identified additional relevant first-hand accounts of the disaster.

A sweeping social movement is happening right now through Twitter to connect earthquake victims with safe shelter in private homes that were undamaged. Over 17,000 people have responded offering their homes to victims of the quake.  The movement was initially started by a reporter, but is now being facilitated through the government.  (#ÊvimEvindirVan)


#ÊvimEvindirVan (translation: “My home is your home, Van”)!/search?q=%23%C3%8AvimEvindirVan

This hashtag is being used by individuals to offer their housing to those left homeless after the quake.

An article on the movement:


Rescue footage:

7.2 Earthquake in eastern Turkey: Social Media Resources Guide

Monday, October 24th, 2011

Author: IEM’s Disaster Social Network (DSN), IEM

A 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck at 1:41 p.m. (1041 GMT; 6:41 a.m. EDT), near the city of Van and town of Ercis, Turkey. At least 138 people were killed and 350 injured in Sunday’s quake as buildings pancaked and collapsed into rubble. The area has experienced at least 20 aftershocks that threaten further damage and collapse of buildings.

First-hand accounts of disaster and recovery are provided through the links below. IEM is monitoring social media sites for the most current and relevant information available. These links provide the most up-to-date information.

Twitter Accounts:!/turkey!/trtenglishcom
(state-run media)!/huffingtonpost/turkey-earthquake!/turkishnewsblog!/TheTurkishLife/turkey-news-events


#Turkey #Earthquake
#Van (Van Province, location of earthquake)
#Turkey #Aftershock


RAW first person shot of Eastern Turkey Earthquake- (USGS 7.2M) 6.6 magnitude (first-person video)
Raw: Aftermath of Turkey earthquake
(first-person video)
Hundreds feared dead in Turkey quake

Turkey earthquake causes damage, casualties

Earthquake Van Turkey Turkiye deprem 23 10 2011

Earthquake in Turkey 23.11.2011


News Articles:

Turkey earthquake leaves 138 dead and fears for hundreds more
“Hundreds dead as quake shakes eastern Turkey”

“Report: Death toll rises to 217 after massive earthquake in Turkey”
(includes CNN video)
“Strong earthquake hits Turkey, up to 1,000 feared killed”

“We can hear the screams – 1000 feared dead in Turkey earthquake”

“Up to 1,000 feared dead in Turkey earthquake”
(includes two pictures and one video not found elsewhere)
“Turkey Earthquake 2011: 7.2 Quake Near Ercis Causes Death, Damage”
(photos at the end of the article)
“Turkey declines Israeli aid offer”


USGS Turkey Earthquake Aftershock Info (5.1 Aftershock info)

Sikkim Earthquake – Continuing Social Media Coverage and Resources from Disaster Social Network

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

Author: IEM’s Disaster Social Network (DSN), IEM

The Disaster Social Network is continuing to monitor social media traffic pertaining to the September18th earthquake centered near Sikkim, India. We’ve identified some additional relevant resources of firsthand accounts, current satellite imagery of resulting landslides, and explanations of seismic activity in the area.

Twitter!/Kuldipnar – Kuldip Nar is working on recovery efforts in Sikkim!/search?q=%23sikkim
 - continuing updates!/Geoblogfeed
– global geological information

A first look at NASA satellite imagery of landslides from the Sikkim earthquake:

Few more photos:

Related Articles:

Himalayan /Sikkim Earthquake Blog:
Himalayan / Sikkim Earthquake Situation Report:
“Understanding the 6.9 Sikkim earthquake”
“Why do India, Himalayan region get so many earthquakes?“

Disaster Social Network – 9/18 India Nepal Earthquake in Sikkim, India

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

Author: IEM’s Disaster Social Network (DSN)

On September 18th, a 6.9 magnitude earthquake shook the northern Indian state of Sikkim. The quake epicenter was near the border of the two nations of India and Nepal. The death toll in India, Nepal and Tibet is estimated at over 100 dead (as of September 22). The quake caused landslides that blocked roads and access to areas in greatest need of assistance. Many were without electricity, food, and communication for days.

First-hand accounts of disaster and recovery are provided through the links below. IEM is monitoring social media sites for the most current and relevant information available. These links provide the most up-to-date information.

Photo galleries:

Videos: (From Nepal)

Twitter Hashtags:

#sikkim – location of earthquake
#delhi #nepal #earthquake – surrounding areas also affected by earthquake

Twitter Accounts:!/RtrsIN_TopNews!/Kuldipnar!/Smita_Sharma!/pdpsingh!/timesofindia!/wsjindia!/kapoorkkunal!/thesikkimtimes

Facebook Resources:!/pages/Sikkim/84417140339

Earthquake Stories/Data

“Landslides Block Sikkim Quake Relief”
“Earthquake 18/09 Nepal / Sikkim Himalaya – Update September 26 – at least 107 people killed”
“Quakes unlikely in Sikkim for next few years, says expert”
“What They Said: Sikkim Earthquake”
“Strong Earthquake in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh (Video)“