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The Emergency Management Cycle

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Author: Chris Hiles, MS, BSN, RN, Emergency Manager, IEM

Most nurses have little experience with the true theory of the emergency management process. In order to meet them where they are, I used this article to set the bedrock for the following articles. These will explain the process in more detail and, hopefully, will give nurses who are assigned the task of writing a plan or heading a preparedness effort some materials to start with. See full emergency management article.

An Unorthodox Nursing Career

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Author: Chris Hiles, MS, BSN, RN, Emergency Manager, IEM

After graduating last year with my Master’s degree, I figured it was time for me to continue my quest to bring emergency management to the nursing masses. Advance for Nurses is a regional magazine that takes unsolicited article submissions. I figured the worse they could say is “no” and was surprised when they embraced the idea of a series of articles on emergency management from a nurse’s perspective. This article about emergency management preparedness in nursing was designed to set the tone for the series, explain my credentials, and show that I really am a nurse who engages in emergency management rather than an emergency manager who used to be a nurse. See full emergency management in nursing article.